Packing And Unpacking

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Packing and Unpacking

The Miami Mover LLC provide a range of packing and unpacking services. Based on the type of products and the client’s need, we are equipped to carry out the packing task properly. Specify the requirement and let us handle the packing with care and expertise.

Some people do not invest in packing services and want to save money by doing it themselves. Equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and equipment, the team at The Miami Mover LLC can carry out packing tasks efficiently, ensuring that your products remain safe throughout the travel.

Why Hire Us?

With The Miami Mover LLC on board, you can enjoy good moving services from experts. Based on the product type, the experts can pack anything and ensure that it stays intact throughout the travel.



How will my mirrors and pictures be packed?

They will be packed in the safest way possible. We use special cartons and boxes to ensure they remain safe during packing and delivery.

What are the types of packing services that you offer?

We offer a complete set of packing and unpacking services for any residential product you own, and we ensure that it stays intact throughout the delivery.

Can we carry out some of the packing ourselves?

Yes, indeed, you can. We appreciate it if you pack some of your stuff and label it, so we know the required level of care, e.g., marking a package ‘fragile’ allows our crew to take extra care.