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Labor Only Moves

Have you hired a moving truck and need professional movers to fill it? Or don’t know who to trust in your new city to help you unload it? Easy Moving Labor is a nationwide moving service that you can trust.

We are concentrating on developing a quick and convenient solution for people seeking help in moving. Get a direct quote online in minutes, or chat with our helpful customer support staff to bring you in line with the best moving resources for your case.

Experts at Work

Our History Screened Labor Movers have several years of experience and will handle your belongings as their own. Our preparation services ensure that things are kept healthy in the office. Our committed Interstate labor has been equipped with a first-time safety mindset and rewarded for how well your step is going.



What Is The Difference Between “Labor Only” And “Full Service”?

Labor Only – Usually entails Loading Labor and Unloading Labor. Complete service refers to a transfer in which the mover stocks the crew to Carry and Unload and a moving vehicle to carry the household goods.

Why is the pricing different for loading versus unloading?

Price structure varies based on the location and size of the crew requested. You can call us for a quick price quote now!

I am not sure how long my move will take. Can the movers stay until the job is done?

2hr is the minimum time The Miami Mover LLC would stay for service. The teams are happy and able to operate longer than the 2 hr minimum service.